Sunshine Snacks Launches Zelish

San Juan, Trinidad & Tobago – In the ever-evolving landscape of snack options, new contender Zelish, a revolutionary peas-based snack has emerged to captivate our taste buds and provide a healthy snacking experience in the ‘Better for You’ category. Zelish is the latest innovation from Associated Brands Industries Limited (ABIL) and Sunshine Snacks.

What sets Zelish apart is its commitment to ‘Better For You’ snacking without compromising on flavour. It boasts an impressive nutritional profile containing a rich source of plant-based protein and fiber. Zelish, is vegan, cholesterol-free, dairy-free and has no trans-fat. It is made from 100% natural peas and pulses. Flambo Cheese, Cheese-a-licious, and Herb Fusion are the three flavours that are offered.

ABIL Group CEO/Deputy Chairman, Nicholas Lok Jack said the new product was created to broaden and diversify the company’s product offerings, “Today we have a lot of persons with dietary restrictions – either voluntary or because of health issues. We feel that the choice of snacking is very important, and we want to ensure there is a snack for everyone. Zelish is pea-based and it’s totally vegan, plant based with no dairy or almond products so it’s higher in fiber and in protein. Zelish plays an important part of snacking in between meals as it supplements overall nutritional diet, as well as it is fun to eat.”

With regards to the cool, vibrant packaging, Mr. Lok Jack indicated it was designed to be contemporary, “It’s very young and hip and targets a very specific market of young persons who are more conscious of what they eat – people on the move who need nutrition on the go. The launch of Zelish is another steppingstone in the evolution of the company. We are very market oriented, so we attend to all the market’s wants and demands and we follow trends very closely. The market drives what we respond to.” 

He continued, “Zelish will be introduced to the wider Caribbean starting in Barbados and Guyana and going north towards Jamaica. Apart from just the Caribbean, we intend to launch Zelish in some of the developed markets like the UK, USA and Panama and we really have global ambitions for the brand as we go forward.”

Kathryn Inniss, General Manager, Sunshine Snacks said what sets Zelish apart is its commitment to providing a ‘better for you’ snacking experience at an affordable price with no compromise on taste, “What I am proud to say is that it is a baked snack, it’s something that is cholesterol free and there is an element of protein in it. Zelish is made out of peas or types of peas such as fava beans or lentils and, it’s such a different innovation, nothing you’ve tasted before, and we are very proud of it. It’s only TT$6 so everyone has the opportunity to taste and enjoy Zelish, and in terms of variety we came with flavours that would attract different palettes. Zelish will be sold everywhere – it is already in store at your favourite supermarkets, mom-and-pop shops, corner shops, gas stations, drug stores and more….you name it, we are there.”

As for additional flavour options in the future, Ms. Inniss revealed, “I certainly hope there will be additional flavours in the future – it took us about four years to get to these three flavours, and I think we can definitely experiment and get feedback from the public in terms of what other flavours we can try, it’s probably the most fun part of my job.”

Nadina Camps Campins, Marketing Manager, Sunshine Snacks also mentioned that the three flavors, Flambo Cheese, Cheese-a-licious, and Herb Fusion, showcase the brand’s commitment in highlighting the natural goodness of pea-based flavoured snacks., “From the zesty Flambo to the flavourful Herb Fusion, each variant delivers a punch of flavour that elevates the snacking experience. This pea-based snack breaks away from the traditional corn-based snacks and potato snacks. Sunshine Snacks has successfully carved a niche by harnessing the power of peas to deliver a truly unique and delightful snack.”

“Snackers can finally indulge guilt-free, knowing that they are nourishing their bodies with each crunchy bite.  Texture is king and Zelish does not disappoint. The sticks strike the perfect balance between crispy and delectable, providing a satisfying crunch that leaves you reaching for more. Zelish is an ideal option for those who crave a more substantial snack,” Mrs. Campins added.

Mr. Lok Jack further praised the team behind the company’s latest innovation as it took a lot of trial and error, “Our Technical Services Department have skillfully crafted a range of enticing flavours that cater to various taste preferences. It was difficult in trying to get the right snap, the right crunch, and then once you had that base correct, the right flavours of coating of the cheeses that are plant based etc. so it took a while. We also have to measure shelf life with all our new products so we have had to wait till a year has gone etc. to understand how our product ages, and so we’ve been extremely happy with the team – the production innovation team, like our technical services managers and other members of staff who did a fantastic job in creating from the base what we’ve made here today.” Since its official launch in mid-January, the feedback and reviews have been phenomenal. Its slogan, “Level Up Your Snack,” encourages people to think outside the box – whether you’re a health-conscious consumer looking for a protein-packed alternative or simply seeking a deliciously unique snack, Zelish is a stellar choice that will leave you hooked.

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