Sunshine Snacks Treats school children

As students continue to adjust in a post COVID-19 environment, Sunshine Snacks has donated snack tokens to several secondary schools across Trinidad and Tobago to encourage students to share a light moment of joy and delight as they prepare for their upcoming examinations.

Brand Manager Simone Tomwing said, “The company recognizes the value of education and its role in shaping the leaders of our future and wanted to acknowledge the hard work and determination of students. In addition to the typical demands of preparing for examinations, students are faced with unprecedented challenges and were quickly asked to adopt to a restrictive lifestyle involving less physical interaction, coupled with homeschooling and online learning.”

Inspired by their resilience, Sunshine Snacks used this opportunity to express its support to the unwavering dedication of students and their return to in-person classes, “We wanted to spread happiness and reassure students that it is okay to take a moment to relax a bit and enjoy being a kid. We visited ten secondary schools and each student received a 3-subject notebook, a pen and some Sunshine Snacks which included Zoomers, Astros and Olé.”

The schools which were presented with the tokens are Sangre Grande Secondary; Arima North Secondary; El Dorado East Secondary; Lakshmi Girls Hindu College; Point Fortin East Secondary; Presentation College; Holy Faith; Princes Town West Secondary; Signal Hill Secondary and Roxborough Secondary.

In keeping with COVID-19 protocols, a handful of students or the school administrators collected the Sunshine Snacks tokens to distribute to rotating classes.

Sunshine Snacks applauds all students and teachers for their tremendous efforts in adjusting their lifestyles and aiding in continuous learning and we wish all students the best of luck in their upcoming examinations.

Students from Sangre Grande Secondary School receive tokens from Sunshine Snacks on behalf of their classmates.

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