About Us

Legacy of Associated Brands

Associated Brands Industries Limited (ABIL) is the top manufacturer and distributor of the Caribbean’s favourite snack foods, chocolates and confectionery, biscuits and breakfast cereals. Established in  1974, in Trinidad and Tobago, we have created an extensive portfolio of quality products under our brands Sunshine Snacks, Charles Candy, Devon Biscuits and Sunshine and Universal Cereals. Our distribution is now global with products spanning across 20 countries, from the Americas to distant markets such as Taiwan and Ireland.

The Company was formed by Arthur Lok Jack, one of the foremost businessmen in the Region and is currently led by Nicholas Lok Jack, Deputy Chairman and Group CEO.


Charles Candy operation commenced, producing a range of chocolate products including tablet bars, chocolate-coated panned products (such as peanuts, raisins and almonds), chocolate-coated wafers and candy bars.


Sunshine Snacks Division was formed and has steadily expanded its product range over the years. The portfolio currently consists of potato chips, corn chips, corn products, extruded products and nuts.


Universal Foods Limited (UFL) began its operations in 1986. It is a subsidiary of the Associated Brands Investments Group of companies and is responsible for manufacturing and distributing a range of traditional and extruded cereals.


The Consolidated Biscuits Division was formed as a joint venture between ABIL and United Biscuits of England, the largest biscuit manufacturer in Europe.


ABIL acquired the minority shareholding from United Biscuits, becoming the sole owner of the Division. 

Consolidated Biscuits is well known for its wide range of products including: Devon Digestives, Chocolate Digestives, Cream Sandwich biscuits and Cookies.

Our Services

We are the Caribbean’s leading manufacturer & distributor of snacks, confectioneries, biscuits and cereals…

We are a unique, vertically integrated, company with product conception, brand development, manufacturing, distribution and aggressive marketing capability. We have hands-on control of each product from ideation to the final consumer and this creates a value chain that has made our products affordable for a wider range of consumers. Better value through innovation and efficiency at all stages has made us a household name. Regional expansion of our manufacturing and distribution networks promises to deliver the freshest products to our growing markets. Value, taste, satisfaction…we continue to build on the vision!

Quality Control

ABIL has developed stringent quality control procedures in all our supply-chain and manufacturing procedures to guarantee the quality of raw materials, semi-processed goods and finished goods.

Real-time testing and monitoring of all lines of production ensure that all materials have been processed according to set criteria. Testing and reporting at stipulated time interval ensures a consistently high standard of products are produced.