Vacancy – Export Representative


  • Can you prepare an annual Export Sales Budget and Strategic Plan, which would include strategy, implementation, objectives, expected outcomes and expenditure?
  • Can you conduct and evaluate the distributors and brands performance?
  • Can you conduct market research as directed with the Export Manager?
  • Can you prepare a monthly Export report on the performance of the brands, in each of the designated export territories?
  • Can you analyse and evaluate product performance by market against budget?
  • Can you review sales and marketing activities in the development of the markets to increase sales and profitability of all products in appointed markets?
  • Can you liaise with distributors with respect to distribution, shelf space, product placement and displays in the respective Export Markets?
  • Can you develop and execute pricing and merchandizing strategies to increase sales and profitability?
  • Can you provide any assistance required for the operations of the export department?
  • Do you possess:
  • Qualification / Education:
  • Requires a Bachelor degree in International Business with a minor in Marketing.
  • Skills / Experience:
  • 5 years’ Experience with fast moving commodities.
  • Communication (oral, written, computing) skills.
  • Planning, organization and execution.
  • Negotiating and Leadership skills. Ability to influence change (includes initiative and ensuring stakeholders commitment to meeting target objectives).
  • Individuality, creativity and teamwork skills.

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