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Coconut (Snack Size 68g)
Peanut (Snack Size 68g)
Cheedar (Snack Size 68g)
Tayto - Rippled Potato Chips  
Nacho (Single Serve 23g)
Natural (Single Serve 23g)
Bar-B-Que (Single Serve 23g)
Cheese & Onion (Single Serve 23g)
Nacho (Individual 49g)
Natural (Individual 49g)
Bar-B-Que (Individual 49g)
Cheese & Onion (Individual 49g)
Nacho (Family 145g)
Natural (Family 145g)
Bar-B-Que (Family 145g)
Cheese & Onion (Family 145g)
Cheese Puffs - Xtra Cheesy Flavoured Snack
Cheese Puffs (Family 215g / 7.6oz)
Sun Snacks - Multigrain Chips
Natural (Family 245g / 8.6oz)
Cheddar (Family 245g / 8.6oz)
Cheese & Onion (Family 245g / 8.6oz)
Natural (Snack Size 35g / 1.2oz)
Cheddar (Snack Size 35g / 1.2oz)
Cheese & Onion (Snack Size 35g / 1.2oz)
Zoomers - Crunchy Cheese Flavoured Wheels
Zoomers - Crunchy Cheese Flavoured Wheels (Family 250g / 8.8oz)
 Chipsters - Potato Chips made from Real Potatoes (Two Sizes)
Salt & Vinegar (Family, 156g / 5.5ozs)
Bar-B-Que Chips (Family, 156g / 5.5ozs)
Nacho (Family, 156g / 5.5ozs)
Original (Family, 156g / 5.5ozs)
Salt & Vinegar (Single Serve, 26g)
Bar-B-Que Chips (Single Serve, 26g)
Nacho (Single Serve, 26g)
Original (Single Serve, 25g)
Ripples - Ridged Potato Chips made from Real Potatoes (Two Sizes)
Bar-B-Que (Family, 156g)
Sour Cream & Onion (Family, 156g)
Original (Family, 156g)
Bar-B-Que (Single Serve, 26g)
Sour Cream & Onion (Single Serve, 26g)
Original (Single Serve, 26g)
 Potato Stixx - Made from 100% real potatoes
Original (Family, 200g)
Salsa (Family, 200g)
Pizza (Family, 200g)
Original (Single Serve, 21g)
Salsa (Single Serve, 21g)
Pizza (Single Serve, 21g)
Olé - Tortilla Chips (Two Sizes)
Ranch (Family, 210g / 7.5oz )
Nacho (Family, 210g / 7.5oz)
Bar-B-Que (Family, 210g / 7.5oz)
Monterey Jack (Family, 210g / 7.5oz)
Ranch (Single Serve, 35g)
Nacho (Single Serve, 35g)
Bar-B-Que (Single Serve, 35g)
Monterey Jack (Single Serve, 35g)
Corn Chips (One Size)  
Nacho Cheese (Single Serve, 29g)
Bar-B-Que (Single Serve, 29g)
Regular Flavour (Single Serve, 29g)
Hot and Spicy (Single Serve, 29g)
"Pellet type potato chips", one packing size
Cheddar Cheese (Single Serve, 14g)
Bar-B-Que (Single Serve, 14g)
Nacho Cheese (Single Serve, 14g)
Regular Flavour (Single Serve, 14g)
Cornados - Crunchy Corn Cones (One Size)
Bar-B-Que (Single Serve, 25g)
Nacho Cheese (Single Serve, 25g)
Ranch (Single Serve, 25g)
Cheddar Cheese (Single Serve, 25g)
Cheezees (Two Sizes)

Cheezees (Family, 225g )
Cheezees 45g
Plantain Chips
Natural (Family, 170g)
Garlic (Family, 170g)
Naturally Sweet (Family, 170g)
Natural (Single Serve, 36g)
Garlic (Single Serve, 36g)
Naturally Sweet (Single Serve, 36g)
Nuts (Two Sizes)
Cocktail Nuts (Family, 120g)
Peanuts Regular (Family, 120g)
Peanuts Honey Roasted (Family, 100g)
Cashew Nuts (Family, 100g )
Fruit and Nut (Family, 100g / 3.5oz )
Peanuts (60g / 2.1oz )
Sun Mix (120g)
Sun Mix (70g)
Peanuts (Single Serve, 32g / 1.13oz )
Peanuts Honey Roasted (Single Serve, 32g / 1.13oz )
Cashew Nuts (Single Serve, 32g / 1.13oz )
Fruit and Nut (Single Serve, 32g / 1.13oz )

Roasted Ground Nuts, (Family Size, 185g)
Roasted Ground Nuts, (Single Serve, 56g)

Fruit & Almonds (100g)
Fruit & Almonds (37g)
Smoked Almonds (100g)
Smoked Almonds (37g)
Roasted Almonds (100g)
Roasted Almonds (37g)
Caramel Crunch  
Caramel Crunch - 110g
Caramel Crunch - 33g
Classic Selects  
Classic Selects - 230g
Classic Selects - 65g
Snax Stix  
Snax Stix - 30g
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